Saturday, 7 April 2012

Introduction- Hello World!

I know what you're thinking; "Great! Yet another one of these ridiculous, politicised, gobbledegook tech Blogs about the "so called" NATIONAL Broadband Network. The guy is probably in the pay of the LNP........the Liberals.....or the ALP......or all of them!" Well, while I can't guarantee there won't be any mention of politics in this Blog, I can guarantee you any posts (not comments; sorry, but even I'm not immune from whinging about bad policies every now and again!) that go up on this Blog, will be as neutral and as factual as possible, unless labelled as opinions.

My purpose in this Blog is to try and cut through the politics and examine the NBN in a factual and hopefully fun and interesting way. I want to engage as many people as possible in discussions about the NBN, the technologies surrounding it and the impact it will have on our everyday lives, our businesses, our homes and Australia as a whole.

There will be some technical information within this virtual tome, but for the most part, I will be trying to keep the jargon to a minimum in the hopes of engaging those who are not technologically inclined or even interested except on a basic level. The NBN is a HUGE undertaking and it is something ALL Australians should be aware of and talking about, as its' scope covers the country, as a new national road network would. I will try and include technical information links for those who want further information and any links that I feel might be beneficial to the discussion (no cat playing the xylophone while reciting shakespeare links, I promise).

My motivations for this Blog stem from the spurious amounts of biased news, misinformation and just plain propaganda being spurted out from all corners of politics, the media and just about anybody who has an opinion. Something as large, expensive and controversial (both financially and politically) as the NBN needs clear, straight and direct information being given about it. NBN Co., the company setup to commission and run the NBN, has tried and continues to try, to advertise and promote the NBN in a factual and concise some (very) limited success.

The politics involved, including the fact that the NBN was proposed by the ALP and K. Rudd when PM, then the party Julius Caesar'd him ("et tu Julia....") and continued to maintain it would be built, have marred the NBN's reputation as nationally important infrastructure from the start. The subsequent arguments from the Coalition, spearheaded by Tony Abbott and, oftentimes, I believe, a begrudging Malcolm Turnbull, have dominated the news for the NBN, when it should have been about the regular, albeit dry, updates about rollouts, technology contracts and Telstra agreements. (these HAVE been reported, but more often than not have be prefaced or suffixed by some politicians' take on the latest Telstra milestone or most recent rollout news)

My intention in this Blog is to lay out facts, straight, backed up where possible by definitive and trustworthy references, about the NBN. There will also be some of my own opinions about the NBN and the politics involved, however these will always be labelled as Opinion or similar so as to distinguish them. My hope is that, by giving a straight outline of facts as simply and definitively as possible, some of the misinformation surrounding the NBN, from the Media and from politics, can be dispersed and people can come to understand what the NBN is and why we need it.

Comments and discussion is appreciated, but if you're going to troll or spout random, unreliable "facts," please, use Facebook......

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